One of Those Bad Days:)

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I think we have all had “One of those days …“; well yesterday was my turn. At 2:30 am the puppy had to go, whereby she proceeded to have diarrhoea all over the dog pen (I just cleaned it the day before). After getting dressed in the dark so as to not wake anyone, I discovered my socks did not match when I saw them in the bathroom light. I then changed them, whereby shortly after the cat started barfing on the floor and with me running around in the dark, I stepped right in it with my dress socks and had to go change them yet again.

I then couldn’t find my ear plugs for my iPhone, so that meant no music for the bus ride. So on the bus, this rather large (fat) guy squeezed into the seat beside me, with head phones on – he was listening to rap (which I hate); not to mention he smelled like booze – he must have been partying the night before, so that also meant he was sweating – oh great…

Upon making into the office, I stood in line for my first coffee for a good 15 mins, got my coffee and preceded to the escalator. For some reason unknown to me, this lady decided she had to get on the escalator before me, pushed me out of the way, and by doing so dumped my coffee all over my $400 light-cream coloured dress jacket. She never apologized, just took off up the stairs (in a hurry) … so I immediately ran to the dry cleaner around the corner where I had to stand in line again for 10 mins. When I get to the front, the lady says there are two things which typically don’t come out of dress fabric, oil and coffee – she charged me $10 and told me to come back Friday.

Back to coffee shop again (still have not made it to my desk) … I get my coffee and realize that I have a presentation that morning so I really need a jacket. Lucky for me there is a men’s store in my office building. They have a great jacket on sale identical to the one which was destroyed – it was even on sale; too bad it was 2 sizes too small and the only one left. I ended up finding a nice jacket which was not on sale, the colour was off so I had to buy a new tie.

When I arrive at my desk, there is a note from my boss telling me my contract funding is in question; therefore subsequently it is going to end a month early. Good news is that he started a new procurement. The last one only took 4 months, so I guess we will have to see how this one works out, but I planning to watch allot of TV this winter.

One of my co-workers decides to make extensive changes to my presentation prior to me having to give it. The changes were designed to provide clarity to the business people; however they made no sense to me, so the wording, delivery and terminology had to be “absorbed” – the flow of the material completely changed – on well I guess I can wing it?

I then make it to lunch; there is a special at the local cafe; pepper steak stir fry (sounds good), typically a lunch there costs $5-$7, well this one was $11 (steak I guess). Get back to my desk and start eating only to find, the veggies are under cooked, the mashed potatoes have large clumps in them, and the steak had a texture which I could only equate to leather.

After lunch I get called into a meeting where the fallout of my presentation is fed back to me by my boss – who is asking my why I went ahead and made changes to the material without him seeing it first. Oh well, rather than get my co-worker in trouble (who was an employee and not a contractor), I took the beating and moved on.

Thank God, I made to the bus without incident time, only to discover my bus tickets are on my desk at work, had to pay using the spare change in my pocket. The transfer machine is not working, so I decided to just ride the bus to the mall and stop there to do some shopping … need new slippers and a pair of dress shoes anyway.

Of course they do not have any shoes on sale that are my size, but the slippers looked great. Bought them and started off back home. Get on an Express bus, things are looking up. The bus is full expect for 1 seat. I think, “lucky for me”… I sit, shortly after I feel droplets of water on my shoulder, turns out this is the seat where a leak from the roof was letting water drip down. I then realize that my bum is wet since I was sitting in a puddle! So much for the spare seat! I stand for the duration of the ride with a wet rear end, wet shoes, and a heavy knapsack.

The Express route leaves me at a stop which is further away than normal from my stop; by this point it is just pouring buckets. Being the smart guy that I am, my compact trusty umbrella is my bag, so I whip it out and jump off the bus, right into a puddle. Seriously??? Now the stupid umbrella won’t stay open … I start walking with one hand holding my bag in place and other holding the umbrella open. Of course at this point the wind shifts and it starts raining sideways, whereby my compact umbrella is not large enough to make a difference – so I get soaked (my new jacket that I had bought earlier looks nothing like someone had soaked it in a tub, of course it is ruined.

I decide to take a shortcut through a bike path lined with bushes and trees thinking that at least the trees will provide some shelter from the rain and wind. I get half way and notice the path is washed out; I end up having to crawl through the bushes thereby getting my shoes, bag, pants, shirt and jacket completely drenched and now full of leaves which I have to brush off – it rains harder than ever before!!! I make it to the end of the path and step out onto the street only to have a car drive by and splash me (again – are you kidding me?) …

I finally get home, and put on my new slippers on, they felt great. I start walking and the padding on the inside starts moving and falls right out and I sprain my leg by tripping… Needless to say, I went straight to bed … I gave up, the day was finally OVER!!!!

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