Is Apple turning into Microsoft? Look at Windows 8 – Yuck!

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Has anyone has been following the hype around the iPhone 5 (the 6th generation of the product) or not; but seriously – is Apple going the way of Microsoft in terms of a monopoly? I have been a loyal Apple consumer for better than 6 years, starting with my initial investment in an iMac in 2006, with multiple investments over time, ranging from the iPhone 2G all the way up to the 4S. Not to mention the investment made in other platforms such as the iTouch, iPad (both generations 1 and 2), iTVs (all generations), MacPro, MacBook Pro, MacAir (multiple versions), and so on. The new iPhone 5 is a classic example of capitalizing on the Android form-factor while leveraging the iOS in a highly proprietary state – the locked-down iOS is in my opinion a “Microsoft-like” attempt to control (and restrict), numerous features of the device.

This is exactly the strategy that Microsoft used in the late 90’s to gain a death grip on the PC market, leveraging Office as the rope to yank you in … just like a crack addict, nothing comes close to capabilities of the MS/Office platform. Could we all get along without it? Of course we could, but do we? No … we are spoiled and addicted to the features – so just like smoking it easier to keep investing in the habit rather than to learn how to break it.

The restrictions placed in iTunes for the iOS and the other software vendors who leverage these restrictions, are in my view, ripping us off by taking advantage of those restrictions to capitalize on them. Take the example of Mobile Iron… an application platform which promises a highly secure and locked-down method of administration of the iOS. Do you remember policies in MS/AD, picture that with a dependence on a third-party software vendor for end-user device management.

I am becoming very frustrated with Apple’s view of the market. Microsoft is playing directly into this strategy with the release of Windows 8, a desktop platform which is trying to blend the UI of a smart phone with the functionality of a desktop (tiles). What a stupid idea, I mean if I wanted my desktop to be a mobile phone I would not have bought a desktop. This of course was stolen from OSX Lion’s ‘mission control and launch pad‘ applications.

The foundation of this rant is based in the culmination of features for the iPhone 5 vs the Android market. The Android market is closely aligned to Microsoft; while the iOS is left as a stand-alone entity in the same way that Office dominates the business productivity market. Recent decisions to remove Google apps from the iOS, and their continued lack of support for Flash – somehow seems completely at odds to the ‘i-strategy‘ the company has promoted. I mean after all, if I want to run Flash on my mobile device, or Google – why should I not be able to.

So, bottom line, will I buy an iPhone5? Absolutely – LOL … What can I say, I am addicted to the platform and the coolness factor!!! When it comes to technology I have no pride:)

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