Tactile Innovation – It’s Coming…

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The Future is Coming!

New technologies are being developed all the time which could dramatically impact the way we work, play and interact with our environment. An excellent example is “tactile sensory” technology (touch). When the first iPhone (2G) was released on June 29, 2007, nobody ever expected the impact that device would have on the lives of so many people.

What made the device such a success is the ability change the method of user interaction (for a mobile device) – delivering not only touch, but gestures and perspectives; the device responded to “Me” in the manner I elected to use – to this day ever watch two people use “their” iPhones?

No two people are the same, the applications they purchase, the way their home screens are arranged, etc. The same is true for Andriods and tablets … the User Interface (UI) on these devices has the ability to “adapt” to the preferences of their owners making it “personal” and “highly productive”…

The videos below demonstrate how tactile technology is evolving and the larger video is the most current remake of the original called “A Day in the Life of Glass”, it is fully narrated and explains the various technologies being implemented to create these unique and compelling use cases. Enjoy … 

Glass Explained

Living Glass

Learning Glass

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