Enterprise Architecture Vision Template


Looking for a way to visualize the complex relationships between a high-level concept and its supporting dependencies? This illustration is intended to showcase Enterprise Architecture at an Executive Level; however it can be used to show the relationships, alignment and outcomes of any complex concept.


This illustration was developed to show the relationships between the role of Enterprise Architecture (EA) in a company from an executive perspective. The diagram is structured to showcase the alignment of key EA-related elements with the governance bodies which implement them (Architecture Review Board, Executive Architecture Council, Investment Review Board, etc). Further, it provides placeholders to identify Business Drivers which support that alignment and the Strategies they are designed to support.

The arrow-boxes are used to “encapsulate” the relationship with a desired outcome – for example “Governance” and/or “Influence”. The content of the boxes and the keywords used within them can be applied to any set of complex business concepts. The overall value of the illustration is multi-demensional; meaning that relationships can be drawn in a hierarchical¬†manner to represent¬†a vision for a company, department, project or team.

Package is shipped as a ZIP file, developed using Adobe Illustrator 5.x.