Generic Executive Handout Template


This document is a powerful tool for creating an Executive Handout which can communicate a targeted message across 4 pages. Intended to be printed 2-sided and folded to produce a brochure. Very impactful when formatted correctly. Excellent companion handout for presentations and briefings.


The Executive Handout is formatted as a pamphlet which is printed on tabliod paper (11″ x 17″), printed 2-sided to create a handout which reads like a product brochure.  It is four pages, with content formatted in a folding pattern to enable the author to tell a story in a very condensed and concise manner. This format is excellent for executive briefings, training orientation or summary material which can be left after a presentation as a handout.

The content can be tricky to work with since the amount of content for each section is “boxed” into specific sizes. The template contains 5 sections; however this is merely a guide, you add/remove sections as needed – the trick is in the spacing of the content and the diagrams. In order to create the handout so that it can be formatted as a brochure, the author must pay attention to “size” of paragraphs, lists and images. If the content expands beyond the template examples, then the pagination of the document will be affected, and subsequently the layout of the brochure (pamphlet).

When properly formatted with the right content, the results are very impressive. This site contains an example of a finalized (DRAFT) using this template which demonstrates the power of properly formatted brochure to be used as an Executive Handout (Reference: Example EA Planning on this site).