Enterprise Data Exchange Presentation Template


Need to develop content pertaining to Data / Information Exchange at the enterprise level? This package is then for you. It covers the establishment of a framework to analyze data across three distinct information exchange patterns, Integration, Exchange, and ETL. Comes complete with Adobe Illustrator source graphics and templated content that covers the material from an Executive Briefing perspective.


This package contains a 29 slide presentation designed as an executive briefing which covers Enterprise Information Exchange discussions. The material presented is organized in a structure that supports projects intended to develop strategies relative to data exchange and transformation. The material covers the following slides:

  • Table of Contents
  • Background
  • Project Scope
  • Definition of Terms
  • Data Movement Characteristics and Their Impact
  • Requirements Framework
  • EA Perspective
  • Recommendations & Next Steps

The presentation details how to define an information exchange strategy, the framework to consider, mappings against that framework, and animated examples of each type of information exchange hub (namely – Integration, Exchange, ETL). There are numerous dynamic slide builds with animations as well to cover the alignment of data across categories. There is also a grid provided that shows the placement of each type of hub against the characteristics they align to. The deck also provides an animation to illustrate the movement of data for each data hub perspective.

Example of one of the animations in the deck:

The package comes complete with the source Adobe 5.x Illustrator files for the graphics contained in the presentation directly. These files include the source (.ai) for:

  • Data Movement Model
  • DataWarehouse – Business Intelligence Architectural Components
  • Integration Hub Scenario View
  • Exchange Hub Scenario View
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Scenario View
  • Information Quadrant Map
  • Stacked Hub Perspective
  • Framework Table
  • Transition to Framework Table

The overall package comes complete in PowerPoint 2016, and backward compatible version to support version 97-2003. All the Adobe Illustrator files are version 5.x. Available for download directly from this site.