Generic Service Reference Model (SRM) Presentation


Need to create a truly awesome presentation that will turn heads? This package contains fully editable 3D – stacked, multi-transparency objects – formatted to show an IT Service Reference Model (SRM); however this material can modified and duplicated to represent multiple applications depending on your unique requirements.


The enclosed presentation contains a Service Reference Model (SRM) framework in a generic context. The package consists of a total of 10 slides, each uniquely editable, 3D within stunning visual layers to showcase each area, which includes:

  • Understanding Business Drivers
  • Factors Influencing Software Delivery
  • Business Opportunities Perspective
  • Optimizing¬†Processes Opportunities Perspective
  • Application Framework Perspective
  • High-Level Service Reference Model Framework Perspective
  • Service Delivery Framework Perspective
  • Client Services Perspective
  • Business Management Perspective
  • Digital Asset Management Services

Each slide contains fully editable objects which can be customized to your exact requirements. The use of 3D objects, with transparency applied makes for an extremely impactful presentation. These objects can be duplicated to generate new slides based on your unique requirements. The content can further be tweaked and used in multiple ways, not just to explain an SRM, but could used to showcase any application to visualize multidimensional stacked representations.

File is downloadable directly form this site as a PowerPoint 2016 format (.pptx), in addition to a backward compatible Office version (.ppt / Office 97 Р2003).