Cottage Resort Business Plan


Ever dreamed of opening your own camp ground or resort. This package can help. It contains a completed Business Plan to do just that. It contains samples of a completed document with the wording required for each section.

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This package contains a completed business plan to develop a camping facility, with cottages, restaurant and cafe. It includes completed spreadsheets with tabs for:

  • Opening Day Balance Sheet – (completed example)
  • Profit and Loss Analysis – (completed example)
  • Project Plan (4 Years) – (completed example)
  • Competitor Info (template only)
  • Competitor Analysis (template only)
  • Notes and Instructions (template instructions)

This project was funded in 2003; however after completing the financial forecasts and analysis we elected to not move forward due to issues with the location. This is a testament to the value of the Business Planning template package (sold separately on this site). This package also includes a completed business plan in word document format (PDF as well), which provides a detailed example of how to write the business plan for a resort/camp ground. It includes illustrations (photos), site plan (Visio), and sample baselines for the financials (to be included as an appendix). In short, this material can help you walk-through the process of vetting the plan to ensure you are on the right track.

Complete file available for download (approximately 110 MB, depending on bandwidth – can take up to 5 mins to download).