Generic Business Plan Template Package


Ever had to develop a Business Plan from scratch? It can be a very challenging endeavor, multiple factors to consider, numerous documents required, where do you start? This package contains all the basic elements you need to get a business plan started and into a fundable project.


Creating a Business Plan requires a vision; however there are several aspects to documenting that vision that need to be considered. To be successful a basic knowledge of the elements required to create a successful business plan need to be developed to ensure you can not only get your business funded, but also ensure your vision is viable. The contents of this material are intended to do just that.

This package includes:

  • Generic Business Plan Presentation
  • Generic Business Plan Guide (Document Template)
    • Table of Contents
    • Executive Summary
    • General Company Description
    • Products and Services
    • Marketing Plan
    • Operational Plan
    • Management and Organization
    • Personal Financial Statement
    • Financial History and Analysis
    • Financial Plan
    • Appendices
    • Refining the Plan
  • Competitive Analysis Spreadsheet (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat – SWOT)
  • Four Year Profit Project Template Spreadsheet
  • Opening Day Balance Sheet Template Spreadsheet
  • Projected Balance Sheet Template Spreadsheet
  • Startup Capital Estimate Template Spreadsheet
  • Statement of Cashflows Template Spreadsheet
  • Yearly Profit and Loss Template Spreadsheet

Each file contains a simple to use walk-through of the content required in each template object. The word document contains detailed instructions on how to complete each of the sections and describes what banks are looking for in terms of the material required to be funded. This package is an excellent assembly of the required material to get any business off the ground and funded.

The package is downloadable immediately as a ZIP file.