VMWare Icon Library Templates


These icons and illustrations have been created by VMWare and are extremely useful when developing various infrastructure and IT landscape diagrams. The quality of these visuals is excellent, very detailed and professionally designed.


This template package I have found extremely useful when creating presentations and Visio diagrams. These are icons and images created by VMWare directly to represent everything from VMs to vCenters. There are illustrations for virtual architectures as well, including vMotion, vStorage, Labs and much more.

The package is approximately 50MB, and consists on 4 PPTX (Office 2016) presentations.

  • VMWare Icon Library (Apr-2009)
  • VMWare Icon Library (May-2009)
  • VMWare Icon Library (Q4/May-2009)
  • NSX Icon Library V1

There is some duplication across presentations; however I found the icons from the Apr-2004 set to be the most useful. I have incorporated these into many of my other templates where feasible. When doing complex landscape diagrams I have often used these images and modified them using tools like Adobe Photoshop or MS PowerPoint to remove/alter text and combine icons together to create new ones. For example here is a modification made using PowerPoint by adding a Tomcat logo and using a blank, white rectangle box to create a new representation for a VM:

Other examples include taking a base icon, say Network and adding text to it, the using rectangle objects to mask other words to create a new image which can be grouped and saved as another image:

In this way by combining native PowerPoint objects with these icons new personalized icons can be created. The same is true for complex rendering, such as lab diagrams.

The ability to “tweak content” using these techniques can allow the author an endless support of rich illustrative combinations.