Generic Zachman EA Template


Need to explain how Zachman maps say to TOGAF? This illustration may be just what you are looking for. It comes as a set of four embedded grouped objects, each showing different adaptations of the Zachman framework against a generic domain model context.

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This package contains four grouped objects, rendered in Adobe Illustrator to visualize multiple dimensions of the Zachman Enterprise Architecture framework. It creates an inclusive map, of key aspects of the framework, including a master relationship perspective which shows the relationship between the framework and IT from a Business Alignment perspective. Each of the four object groups is designed to showcase particular aspects of the framework, these include:

  • Overall Zachman Matrix
  • Zachman Enterprise Architecture Domain Alignment
  • Decomposed Enterprise Architecture Domain Mapping
  • Business Domain to Zachman Alignment Perspective

The content can be used without modification to showcase how Zachman can be aligned to other frameworks such as TOGAF by domain area. In addition, the content can be tweaked and used to show various relationships across multiple frameworks for a variety of use cases.

Package comes complete as shown in Adobe Illustrator 5.x file and downloadable from this site in ZIP format.